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The KARLOFF buzz

The entertainment value of this unique show could make it a big money-making hit for anyone mounting a production.


Derek M. Koch, winner of the Rondo Hatton Award

for Best Horror Podcast in 2015, was there on opening night of KARLOFF's premiere and enjoyed the show so much he came a second time.

He also interviewed Sara Karloff when she was in Salem, OR for the premiere, and he interviewed

playwright Randy Bowser before the show opened.

Take a look at Koch's rave review of KARLOFF!

click the images for the full stories

In his popular blog Bizarre Realm, author Michael Housel urged his readers to help get KARLOFF up on more stages with his 5 star review of the show.

Rich Chamberlain featured another rave review of KARLOFF

in his horror-oriented blog,

Monster Movie Kid.

Patrons of KARLOFF's premiere production and audience members who saw the show on video have had glowing things to say about the play.

Salem, OR's newspaper

The Statesman Journal

helped bring in an audience


The Statesman

also published an outstanding interview of KARLOFF's author,

Randy Bowser. 

One of Randy Bowser's radio interviews about KARLOFF

was on the popular Salem area radio show Theatre Talk. 

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