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"Karlofftheplay" is the show's  fan page on Facebook.  Below are comments posted by fans who saw the show.

Sara Karloff & Randy Bowser - curtain call on opening night

Photos by Steve Anchell

Sara Karloff & Randy Bowser

- curtain call opening night

"One of the best one-man plays I've been to in a long time.  Lots of laughs and quick paced...I enjoyed the play immensely. - Roberta Benson "

"Both the play and Randy Bowser's performance were excellent...

entertaining, humorous, and also incredibly moving...jam-packed with anecdotes from Karloff's long and fascinating life. I hope future productions maintain the same enthusiasm and attention to detail that Randy has brought to this project." - Laura Waters


"A brilliant one person play." - Jeff                                                 Mitchell -


Boris performs a singing curtain call
RandyBowser as Boris Karloff

"Wonderful - very entertaining -

what an evening - Don't miss this show!"

                                         - Tracy Webber

"I was there (at the premiere) and loved it!"

                                               - James Kemp

"It left me with that warm feeling of truly sharing something special."

                                                                                                       - Patricia Nolan-Hall



"...Playwright Randy Bowser deserves a medal." - Trevor Sproston

                              "What a wonderful, insightful production!" - Paulette Davis-Boley



"...great fun and at times very moving...I got sucked into it right away...last night I got to shake the hand of Boris Karloff..." - George Adams






"The entire show was wonderful! Script, acting, directing and production values. Shifts between 'times of Karloff's life were seamless without losing me. Feel like I got to know one of our classic treasures (Karloff) better as well as one of our newer treasures (Bowser) better. Well done, all involved!" - Rebecca Blackwell

" absolute joy...a visual feast." - Michael Housel



"KARLOFF the play is the perfect mixture of history, humor, and imagination. Karloff comes alive as the play moves through a lifetime of memories. Nicely done!"

- Cynthia Sloane









"...One-man shows are hard to pull off. It's not

just the writing and staging that are challenging, 

but the actor must be flexible, intuitive and responsive to the many variables thrown their way. Randy managed to do all of these feats, and with aplomb. What makes this show, KARLOFF the play so worth seeing is the story of a man's life that it portrays, and to theater-goers, what could be more compelling than the story of a man

of the cinema! I was held by the character study, the thoughts of the storyteller and the adept control of the acting environment that Randy displayed again and again. Bravo!!" - Katy Harwood

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