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KARLOFF now adapted as an audio play!

Until KARLOFF is produced in your area, along with the video (click in the menu for info) here is another way to enjoy the show's magic. - An old fashioned radio-play version!


The audio-play's 4 chapters stream via the free Bandcamp app and are also available as high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and other audio formats.

BONUS items in addition to the show's four chapters:

--The full radio play script.

--Video of a scene from the stage premiere not included in the audio play, never before released online.

--Access to the streaming and downloadable non-stop version of the play so you can immerse yourself for the full 1 hr 36 min. show.

--High rez copy of the premiere production's poster.

--Three surprise bonus music tracks.

Randy Bowser author of KARLOFF the play

playwright Randy Bowser

Preview the 4 chapter audio play below.
Click on the right to go to Bandcamp and get KARLOFF The Audio Play now!

KARLOFF: The Man Behind The Monster, is a special audio adaptation of the stage play, KARLOFF, developed as an immersive deep dive into the thrill ride life of the world's most beloved "monster," Boris Karloff. Funny, dramatic, challenging, inspiring - Boris comes into focus as an especially talented and driven artist whose enthusiasm for life sets a wonderful example for us all.

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