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KARLOFF premiere video!

The full-length, uncut video is now available to the public for the first time.


The show's debut was hailed as "Superb!" and enthusiastically endorsed by Boris Karloff's daughter, Sara, who also authorized the script.

3 headshots of Boris Karloff

See the full 2-hour show,



--Opening night pre-show, backstage and out front at the venue, including the arrival of Guest of  Honor, Sara Karloff.


--Post-show Question and Answer session with Sara Karloff and playwright Randy Bowser

Important details

You will get the video in TWO DIFFERENT FORMATS:


1) 4 video files to download and play on any device:

  • PRE-SHOW featuring the arrival of Sara Karloff.

  • Act One

  • Act Two

  • POST-SHOW Q&A session with Sara Karloff and Randy Bowser.

2)  DVD folders ready to burn to disc if you prefer hard copies. Just download and drag into any free DVD burning program such as Nero.

BONUS MATERIAL - The original DVD artwork which can be saved and even printed if you want:

  • front and back wrapper for a double-disc DVD case.

  • disc labels with the show's logo.

  • an insert page of images and text.

"Brilliantly conceived."

                   - Nyla McCarthy, audience member

Until KARLOFF is produced in your area, this is the ONLY way you can see the full show.

This video was originally made as a demonstration tool for potential producers to see. But now join in on the excitement of the play's premiere, with Guest of Honor Sara Karloff in attendance.

Playwright Randy Bowser had rehearsed 3 months with an actor who had to bow out due to health reasons. Being a trained actor with many years of experience, Bowser didn't hesitate to step into the role so the show could go on, even though he hadn't intended to ever play the role of Boris.

This limited release of the authorized play Sara Karloff calls "Absolutely remarkable" is yours for $15 via the PayPal button.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
  • Within 24 hrs you will be sent a link to where you can download the zip files of the videos.

  • Your email address will be on the exclusive access list.

DVD art for video of KARLOFF the play

See more scenes from the video HERE

See where it all started - Join the standing ovation for KARLOFF The Play!

Boris Karloff's hypnotic eyes
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