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Upon inquiry, you will be sent a full perusal copy of the script and a one page summary of the Performance Rights Agreement which includes the Royalties Schedule.

If you decide to pursue your inquiry further, you will be provided with a link to the full-length video of KARLOFF's premiere production.


Following whatever amount of communication you want, the full Agreement will be sent for your signature, and following that - the huge amount of materials which will start your project off with a big KARLOFFian bang! 

R Bow Productions

handles the performance rights for KARLOFF exclusively

The full KARLOFF production package

With clips from the video of KARLOFF's premiere, the technical elements needed for your production and provided with your production license are demonstrated in this short video:

Backdrop projections + Underscoring soundtrack + Fully programmed plots + Notated tech scripts & MORE

(video plays only on mouse over-hover. Click the speaker icon at lower right for sound)

ALSO - 2 hours of video with Boris Karloff performing scenes included in the script. An invaluable reference tool for both the director and actor in an easily navigated DVD. 


Projection plot examples

The slide show has more examples of the 48 image backdrop plot included in the production package.
Below: A montage of scenes from the video of KARLOFF's premiere
demonstrating the script's variety of moods
Help bring Boris back to life - He is waiting to be unleashed!

copyright 2020 Randy Bowser

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