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ACTORS - looking for a challenging, entertaining showcase?

PRODUCERS - looking for a show with big potential?

THEATRES - looking for something new and different?

Use the Contact form below, or the email address and playwright Randy Bowser will reply ASAP.

In response to licensing inquiries, a perusal script will be sent, you will have access to the full length-video of KARLOFF's premiere so you can see how well the show works with an audience, and a one-page "bottom line" version of the full contract will also be provided.

Do you have a different KARLOFF topic to discuss?

Want more information about the video, or the audio-play version?

Is there another Boris topic you would like to communicate about?

Send off your message today! No time like the present!


No matter why you want to make contact, short and sweet is fine. Just say Hi, provide your name and email, and as brief a to-the-point message you want. Just do it now before you forget!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!



Let's begin the
about YOUR 
of Sara Karloff's
favorite play.

Thank you, fellow Boris fan. Hope we work together!

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